GO MAGAZINE PRESENTS: Unregulated with Emma Willmann

Actor and acclaimed comic Emma Willmann got acquainted with the GO Magazine crew when she performed at NYC Pride 2015 and now is taking the airwaves by storm with her quick wit and engaging interviews with fellow comedians, models, djs and more. Check out "UNREGULATED with Emma Willmann" for tons of laughs.
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GO MAGAZINE PRESENTS: Unregulated with Emma Willmann

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Jun 7, 2016

Emma Willlmann sits down with DJ Mary Mac to talk about how she came to be the "go to" DJ for Madonna.  She reminisces about her first experiences with a women at age 8 and how she was accidentally outed to her family. 

May 12, 2016
Emma Willmann gets down and dirty with the star of Bravo's fitness show Work Out, Holly Rilinger.  Holly talks about being single and what she is looking for in her dream girl as well as discussing how she went from basketball star to real estate to an inspirational master trainer. Work Out airs Sunday nights on Bravo.
May 12, 2016
Emma Willlmann sits down with model Rain Dove to discuss everything from North Carolina's "Bathroom Bill" and how she has been pepper sprayed for looking too much like a "man"; to religion and of course about modeling both men's and woman's wear on the runway.  Rain also touches on feeling different as a child, moving to NYC and starting out homeless.  This fascinating interview delves deep into the complex issues of looking different in the fashion industry and what does it really mean to "look like a man" or "look like a woman".